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    As a human resource professional you should…

    Belong to a SHRM Affiliated Local Chapter

    It’s tough in the fast-paced work environment of the new millennium to maintain top performance as a human resource professional. Membership on both the local and national level gives you full access to a wealth of services and programs that can broaden your skills and make you more valuable to your organization. You will also be part of the largest professional organization in the world dedicated exclusively to the advancement of the human resource management profession.

    If you’re actively engaged as a human resource practitioner, we invite you to join the Illinois Fox Valley SHRM. You will find membership extremely worthwhile.

    Dues (based on the calendar year):

    Primary member (first member from a company) $100
    Secondary member (additional members from company) $80

    Members joining 2nd Qtr $75                                 Secondary members 2nd Qtr $60
    Members joining 3rd Qtr $50                                  Secondary members 3rd Qtr $40
    Members joining 4th Qtr $25                                  Secondary members 4th Qtr $20

    Student Member: Part-Time $60, we do not charge member dues for full-time students taking 10 or more credit hours/semester.

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    Members of the IFVSHRM must be members of National SHRM. For more information about national membership, click on the following link.

    Link to SHRM online